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TMS treatment commences and you will be made comfortable in the treatment room while we position the TMS magnet and prepare the TMS system. The magnetic coil will be gently pressed against your scalp on the left front region of your head. The magnetic coil makes a clicking sound intermittently and you will be given earplugs to make you more comfortable. Treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes but please allow at least 60 minutes from the time you arrive to completion of the session.

What happens at the end of your 20 sessions/4 weeks of acute phase therapy?

Continued sessions:

Depending on your progress, additional sessions (at additional cost) may be recommended at the end of your 20 sessions/4 week acute phase treatment. Additional treatments would run immediately following the initial 4 weeks.


You will be given instructions and a summary of your treatment course on your last day of treatment. We will also send a progress report to your treating physician.

Maintenance treatment:

In the future, you may require maintenance treatment (at additional cost) depending on your individual needs. You or you treating provider can call if us if maintenance treatment is required.


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