Am I a good candidate for TMS?



Am I a good candidate for TMS?


The best way for you to determine if TMS is right for you, is by speaking with your doctor, psychiatrist or qualified health care professional. Proper pre-procedural screening ensures that therapy is administered only when it is medically advisable.


In order to ensure your safety, the following general requirements will need to be met prior to receiving TMS therapy:

  • Currently diagnosed with treatment resistant depression by a psychiatrist, physician or qualified health care professional. Treatment resistance is defined as one antidepressant failure at or above the minimal effective dose in the current episode.
  • No implanted ferromagnetic items (i.e. pacemaker)
  • No previous history of epilepsy
  • No foreign metal cranial bodies or metallic/magnetic implants

How often will I receive TMS therapy?

Generally, the initial course (acute phase) of treatment will involve 20 consecutive treatment sessions over a 4 week period (usually a 45-minute treatment session each day from Monday to Friday. However, depending on your response, additional sessions (at additional cost) may be recommended to achieve maximum response. Additional sessions would continue immediately following the acute phase.

Maintenance treatment.

Maintenance treatment (at additional cost) may be required in the future depending upon your individual needs. You or your treating provider can contact us if maintenance treatment is required.

Do I continue to see my treating provider during the course of TMS Therapy?

Yes. During your course of TMS therapy, you will continue your regularly scheduled appointment(s) with your treating provider as they will continue to follow you and prescribe your ongoing medications.